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The Diabix tablet can be used at all stages of diabetes such as pre-diabetic stage, Diabetic stage, and chronic diabetic stage. If used in pre-diabetic stage, it can help the patient from not getting into diabetic stage. In diabetic and chronic diabetic stage, it helps to bring blood sugar under control. The medicines do not have much hypoglycemic action, instead it stimulates and rejuvenates pancreas for better sugar - metabolism.

The above medication along with decreased starch intake and regular exercise will help a lot in controlling diabetes. A patient is not supposed to stop allopathic medication first but after administering the above for 3 -6 months, your Physician itself would advise you to decrease /stop the medication. You can notice the change in FBS, PPBS, and HBA1C after 3 months. After 2 weeks of administration, you can experience the change in constant tiredness that used to bother you a lot.

Method of consumption : 2 tablets twice daily before food for three months.

Diabix is also available in :

Amalaki(Embilica officinalis)
Nisha(Cuecuma longa)
Darvi(Berberis aristata)
Kataka(Strychnos potatorum)

In management of hypertension, hypercholestralaemia.


30 tablets


2 tablets twice daily before food for three months



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