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Hair damages and hair breaks are a very recurring issue in women and men of all ages now a day. It is mainly caused due to uneven weather conditions and long traveling. The hair is therefore in need of the essential nutrients. Pam labs Chemparathi Shampoo is a completely Ayurvedic product that is completely free of toxins, therefore making it very safe to use. It nourishes the hair with vital nutrients, thus making it soft and shiny.

Components Each 5g contains
Aloe barbedensis (Kumari) 10ml
Terminalia bellirica(Aksha) 10ml
Hibiscus rosa sinensis(Japa) 10ml
Glycerine 10ml
Propylene glycol 10ml
Sodium chloride 1g
Sodium chloride 55g

Hair fall, Dandruff




Apply on the scalp, massage and wash off.



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